Endless wait in the motel parking lot. Seems someone forgot to arrange a way back for Nick and Ricky to get back to Spain and get their flights to US two days later. Oops.


I decided to shoot some evidence for the smallest/biggest bags of the trip. This was the smallest, which might not seem too small but I tell you he didn’t even use ¾ of its space.


Ricky, on the other hand, got the biggest one – but still not as big as Antiz rider Julian Dykmans' one though.


I think we waited there for 3 and half hours.


After finally leaving the motel, we stopped half an hour later to eat in a gas station. After eating, the TM decided it was the perfect time to start a fire the old school way. Obviously, the strong wind blocked his intentions. But hey, on those 3 hour gas station stop we saw some Ferraris coming from a race or event, or whatever. How nice.


Jan, in a random stop to wait the van to catch up.


And we made it to Cologne. Die Fantastisch Dom.


Rain was present again, so it was time to call it the end of trip. One last photo before the end.