Blurry morning moments before leaving a cubicle Formule 1 room somewhere in France.


We went to an industrial area looking for some trash to build a spot and get some more points.


A door I liked in an industrial area.


Some wooden pieces from a container, and over a little corner grass gap.


Mathieu did this nice fs 180 lateshuv, more than the spot and the area certainly deserved.


And then someone else wanted to try the Big Mac challenge again so we headed to another McDonalds. I think it was Jean Marie. He never got further than the 3rd burger.


I don’t know why people claim so much they hate fast-food, because wherever I see one of these places they are always full of people of all ages and all types. Like this one in Bordeaux. Bunch of hypocrites. In any case, a hypocrite’s nice ass is a a nice ass after all. Sergio knows the drill.


We found the only fun spot of the day when we left McDonalds, and thanks to eagle eye Nick. This set of mellow and small stairs got everyone hyped to do the skiing-down-stairs challenge. Nick even did it backwards.


Mathieu opted for a more classic style.


Travellers crossing paths with more travellers. Highways don't care about class or colour, it's a great equaliser.


Apples are good. No, trendy weirdo, I don’t mean “that" expensive Apple you’re mental-jerking-off to. They can be found anywhere if you have open eyes.


Mathieu is the king of survival. He ate naturally hunted apple & cherry salads, washed in the river and only used 1 single t-shirt in the whole trip – without complaining once.