You can't get bored when there's a bow around. The owner made sure to hide all the chickens.


Before leaving the place.


After a wet morning, the sun came out. Juli, our filmer, was really glad to feel the sun again.


Mathieu Dupuy sitting at a spot we found right as we reached civilisation again. It’s a children's park with a fun little flatbar to bank.


Some tricks and lines got nailed. Here’s Nick Fiorinni, front feeble transfer avoiding the legs of the swinging kids.


We found this spider somewhere I don’t remember. You can’t really tell on the photo but it was quite a fatty.


Rain was on and off, so we decided to fix a local spot under a bridge, which would look really nice on a photo.


It worked. Time to skate it.


Some tricks were done, kickflip fakie if I’m not mistaken. But before I could settle up cops came for the third time and we were kick out for good. Shame. You can see a little piece of the cop car on the left.


So time for BBQing. We went to a local skatepark, where some challenges were tackled, benihana finger flips – shit like that. There was a football match at the stadium right beside the park and the streets were full of cops. That’s Jan setting up and Mathieu checking for cops. We finally got busted for the BBQ, but the food was almost over anyway.