Eager to get out of Chelles we headed into Paris in search of some raw street and good times. We must have just missed Blueprint at most of the spots we visited – lucky for them, as their van would have gotten covered in the Dairy Dickhead (yoghurt bomb another team's van) challenge had we found em!


Don't let society bring you up.


Easing ourselves into the day with a spot of underpass lurking.


Before we found a spot we could get kicked out of again.


But not before I found this amazing angle....ahem..


Can't very well just walk past the Blackpool Tower without a snapshot.


Hirschi sizes up a rather long stair jump whilst we do our damndest to tick off the illusive Motorboat challenge with a couple of girls hidden behind the bamboo.


Hirschi can't walk away from an ollie, no matter how long it may be or how shite the run up is. Unfortunately there was no motorboat this night but we drowned our sorrows in fine fashion and even collected a few points later on, thanks to a few of flashes of boob. Thanks for the mammaries Paris.