Day 2 began with a sky still full of drizzle and an eager, albeit hung over, crew and we immediately made for the streets, where men did battle with gaps and banks. Some battles were won, some were lost. Such is life.

We began our day with a brief sojourn at this place. I've been waiting for someone to bring me here for years. It's a tough one to utilise stunt-wise, but perfect for fucking around.


Believe it or not these guys are French.


Snake madness.


Correct time & place to break out moves such as this.


Hugo had unfinished business. The business remains unfinished, despite him working up a sweat. Such is life.


Then we found a classic British spot, in France. Some over and in action from Dallas.


And some up to on and back in, via the smith stall.


Sam, front pivot.


And a front blunt, amongst other moves. More to come tomorrow.