Guy Mariano Eric Koston Torey Pudwill Andrew Brophy Zered Bassett Paul Shier Chico Brenes Jeron Wilson Bastien Salabanzi Eero Antilla Rick Mcrank Brandon Beibel Brad Staba renton millar neal hendrix Juergen Horrwarth

Og mange mange flere


White Pony and hollywoods newest teenage star the balloon horse jupiter Sean Hate/George L'amour back to back PharPhar DJ WADE direct from sunset blvd Master Fatman the largest man alive rock's the Favella Lady Box vs the giant 2 story man eating elefant SwingKing DJ Lasse (soulfuld) vs DJ Arne Cars10 DJ Knud Oh Sticky live power solo live Happy Slap Mardi Gras

there will also be ring of fire skateboard contest, whole fried pig, ricco's coffee, mohr's hell kitchen 100 % cph best burger.






19.00 - 03:00 Welcome to town... Ring of fire contest, whole roasted pig, live musik, DJ..s

03.00 - Park closed


11.00 Doors open


14.00 – Street Qualifiers

21.00 - Vert Finals and Power solo live & Vert Prize ceremony

22.00 - 03:00 - Rock & roll after party


11.00 Doors Open

15.00 – Semi-finals,

17.00 - Street Finals,

18.00 - Best trick

19.00 - Street Prize ceremony and after party

24.00 - Park closed