Submitted by: Sport society Urban folk (Športno društvo Urban folk )

Location: Šolska pot 5, SLOVENIA

What's wrong With this park/spot?

Our park is located on the mix sports area in Mengeš, Slovenia. It shares ground with football and basketball court what makes it dangerous for skating. There were several collisions with other users, fortunately with no serious consequences. It has no fence or other kind of protection. It was built 15 years ago and most of the objects are in bad conditions. The welts are broken in many places and almost impossible to repair. Skating is one of the most fast growing sports in our town. Thus in a sunny afternoon the park becomes too small for all the users. We are worried for our youngsters because this park has become dangerous for them to use, and we will be forced to ban them from using the park because of the safety reasons.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

We would like to be picked because we are young and perspective sport association whose main objective is to renovate the park and make it safe and fun for all users. Most of youngsters these days do