Submitted by: Iztok Sumatic

Location: Maribor, Slovenia

What's wrong With this park/spot?

The skateparkMB has old concrete obstacles, which are not flowable and ridable as they should be. Being super heavy it's hard to move and combine them into something, what would bring a smile to every skateboarder's face. Copings on quarter pipes are too bulky, banks are too short and there is only one straight rail not fixed into the ground, which gets regularly stolen and thrown in the near creek by local fiends. Only bright thing is the reflectors, what makes it possible to ride during night. Park is lacking some new school features like Euro gap, varieties of rails and ledges and other creative obstacles. I'm positive that with a little help of our(that's you:)friends and your imagination, skateparkMB can become our jewel.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

More than a decade ago, after a lot of struggle, we finally got this place from our municipality. There was quite a big budget for the obstacles, but some big guns from local government found this as