Submitted by: Matej Pońćervina

Location: Novo mesto, Slovenia

What's wrong With this park/spot?

Everything. We got the park 8-9 years ago and is in need of reconstruction, adaptation of any kind. Throughout the years we made some recovery works on it, even made some objects (ledges, manual pads, pyramids, banks, rails) at my fathers workshop. We gathered material from our pockets and few donations we were given to get some plywood. Skatepark is pretty small. Everynow and then we extend the park on the basketball course, but it never lasts long. Because of the changing seasons (cold winters, hot summers and rain inbetween) the wood doesnt lasts more than a year and we dont have money or support to change that often. Nails are hanging out, holes are growing on plywood etc.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

City community had a little response, except they changed plywood on couple of objects, which was really happy day for all the kids. Since then, everytime I come to skatepark, there is a new kid grind