Submitted by: Urban Sports Association

Location: Győr, Orgona Street, Hungary

What's wrong With this park/spot?

Although the Urban Sports Association Győr is managing the life in the skatepark, we can't be there in every minute. There isn’t any solution for locking the entrance of the park, so could be happen, that last autumn someone stole almost every grindrails. The kids with the worst behavior are the scooter roller riders. We ask them to use the park in a normal way, but they broke every wood element and surface, leave much trash behind, etc. Since the state government suspended all financial aid for civil organizations, we can't finance our expenses. A few friends and our parents help us, which is not sustainable for a long time. Now we are in the situation to give up everything we reached after so much hard work, if someone won't help us soon.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

Despite the problems we love our skatepark, there's a big social life around the spot. Many skateboarders, BMX-, inline- and scooter roller riders use the park, on weekends we have full house. The per