Submitted by: Skate Gyenesdiás_ West-Balaton (Hungary)

Location: Gyenesdiás, Hungary

What's wrong With this park/spot?

There is a big need of a skate park in Gyenesdiás, beacuse:

1.) there area lot of kids (about 5000 skaters) in the whole Lake area who are strongly devoted to skateboard,

2.) they don't have a suitable park to exercise, only in dangerous places and on self-made makeshifts.

3.) Gyenesdiás is a family-friendly resort village, with many young visitors yearly, where the firms involved could get big marketing (advertising) opportunity . The park would be right beside (with a view to) the Lake.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

4.)Our local goverment is not strong enough financially to build one on its own, but can give a hand in many aspect (place, logistic ect.)

5.) We have already a beneficiary reputation in tourism an