Submitted by: Sandro

Location: Cagliari, Italy

What's wrong With this park/spot?

The ‘Skatepark’ was completely wrong since it has been designed ( bad materials, weird design and wrong structures arrangement), we used to skate it anyway since it was our single ‘legal’ spot and we tried to improve it someway by placing handrails and ledges. We hard tried in vain to fix several holes on the ground and on the structures using cement.

Nowadays the park is totally unusable whereas the ground is full of holes just like quarters, banks and the miniramp. It’s a wide, unused, useless and ruined area with great potential.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

We need your help because nobody has never been able to help us, because we don’t have any legal spot to train in.

Cagliari, is the regional capital of Sardinia, we count an amount of 230 skaters