Submitted by: Szurdi Janos

Location: Budapest, Hungary

What's wrong With this park/spot?

It is an over 15 years old vert ramp, oldest in Hungary! And it has been rotting for years. The surface has been changed years ago to a metal surface, by unskilled workers. Now it is very rusty, wavy, throws you up at the bottom. Some places the structure is broken because of the rust, and the whole thing is terribly moving under you!

It did collapse on some rollerskaters in the past, because the wind wrapped it up! Real risk to skate it. Some of us do skate it! But it is real hard, and makes you all rusty, or just simply injures you. A lot of people doesn’t skate vert because they just won’t go in this thing! Every time it is windy, we have to get out of the ramp so it won’t collapse on us.

Why should we pick This park/spot?

We need Burn to help us keep vert skateboarding alive! In Hungary there isn’t one vert ramp which is skateable. By far this is the one which is in the best shape! Probably this is our only chance to