In the line of new video formats, Flip have just posted a welcome back clip of Arto's years on Flip in the past. With a couple of recently filmed tricks added towards the end.

Another brilliant one in this category is Ronny Creager's recent Manolo's Tapes mix.

Among other things, Ronnie was Arto's team mate on Etnies for quite awhile, a fact which I'm going to exploit as part of the reason these two clips found their way in the same post. The other, of course, is that having people like Arto and Creager around with careers spanning a decade or two has given filmers and editors the chance to make these meta-edits. In a sense, it's nothing new, going back all the way to Hensley's Questionable part, if not further.

What is new, is the length of time people stay in the game and continue to innovate and push their limits along the years. That, the internet and the laptop, making all this footage available. The only limit to where we go from here, I guess, is the grand total of hard drive space and band width of the web, world wide, seeing as there's obviously no limits to what people can do on their skateboards.