Day one with the Antiz guys and we met at Cosanostra in the suburbs of Paris where the sun beat down and concrete got pummeled. High spirits and fresh legs meant everyone was itching to go.


Started the day at this place and instantly began sweating balls – a seriously rad piece of concrete from the BRUSK dudes.


The locals know when to take a break.


Sam following their lead. I think this might have been the most half-naked session on record.


Hirschi being the highest man in the air at each and every session was to become the norm.


Then this chap met something sharp with his soft fleshy shin. To his credit he remained calm despite having all manner of phone and camera pointed at him. Session kind of died down after this...

To the streets.


Where further post-hammer chilling was required.


...and back to the pain. Pete loves this shit.


A.B.D. by yourself? Like that matters. Juju backside flip.


And a frontside jumper from Murl. Successful first day's hunting.


Last minute ditch check before home time and everyone was going ape shit for the pole jam, despite the thunderstorm that was kicking off. Dallas switch front 180 pole jam in. Twice. In the rain. It's like that with these guys.


And then we set up camp inside Cosanostra where Juju cooked us all a slap up meal and we probably had a few beverages...cloudy memories.

See you tomorrow.