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Joe Gavin Landscape Part

The first thing that needs to be said about this part is that its release is nothing short of a miracle. Basically Sean Lomax, the man who filmed and edited this little gem got his laptop stolen whilst on a Harmony Skateboards trip in Sarajevo and with it he lost all the footage used in this clip. Footage that he hadn't backed up anywhere! Luckily for us he'd sent a raw cut of all of Joe's stuff to someone a few weeks before and the quality was just about good enough for vimeo. If the part was destined for anything but online use they would have been fucked...

That being said, considering how often this guy bangs out amazing sections like this one, it probably wouldn't have been too long before he stacked up enough tricks to put together another one. How many parts did he put out last year? Two? Three? All whilst working in a skateshop and filming a full length scene video?!

[part title="Adidas skateboarding: Kevin Lowry"]

Kevin Lowry loves mischief. It's something that you catch glimpses of in his skateboarding (grinding expensive/fragile looking sculptures, jumping onto noisy containers and spending at least as much time as he can in the middle of the road) but that actually strikes you when you meet him in person. The little devil loves a good prank and one of my  recent favourites was his Slap account hack. Basically his good friend and Slap poster Watson has a blog that the forums and the skateboarding community in general can't get enough of: YouWillSoon. If you are not familiar with it, now's the time to read a few posts. As you do this keep in mind that Kevin logged on to the Slap forum as Watson and announced "The Death of YouWillSoon". The devastating news came with this message:

"A lot of you have been hitting me up lately, asking what's happening with YouWillSoon. In the last few years, the main focus of the site was to call out what I perceived to be bullshit in the skateboard industry. Over the years, as the site grew in popularity, I got to know some of the people I had previously slandered on the site. One of those people in particular was Steve Berra.

Steve and I have maintained a heated back and forth for a couple of years now. Last month, after a long chat with Steve, hashing things out, I actually went down to meet with him and spend some time at The Berrics. After seeing what actually goes on there, what it means to people, and what they do for skateboarding, I'm afraid I have to admit that I was wrong about them. They are trying to promote skateboarding in a positive way, and I feel that I should be doing the same. I'm not going to erase my negative past, what's done is done, but moving forward, I will no longer be maintaining youwillsoon.com. I'll leave the site up as a record, but will not be changing the tone of it or posting in the future. I'm older, and it's time to start acting like a man. A positive man.

I don't want to tell you how to live your life, but I will suggest leading by example. Actions speak louder than words. Please take a good look in the mirror and be the person you want to be."

Anyway I'm glad this little troublemaker is finally getting the recognition he deserves, he's been killing it for a while...

Ps: Buy Eleventh Hour (you can now order it from Slam City Skates), his part in it is sick.

[part title="Lucas Puig Hélas Twelve Pack"]

Right after Bon Voyage Lucas Puig hurt his knee and ended up being out for a whole year. These little Instagram clips are basically him "easing" his way back into skating. Needless to say that he's still got it...

[part title='"Trocadéro Days" by Pontus Alv : Converse Skateboarding']

As incredible as Nils' shots from our "Trocadéro Days" article (114) were, I was left wondering about one thing: "how the hell are they going to make the edit not look like some cheesy advert?". I guess I hadn't realised Pontus was going to make it. He's probably one of the only guys who could make this eighties launch ramp themed fun look so sick. The first thing he got right was the crew. The Blobys (Paul Grund, Vincent Touzery, Kevin Rodrigues and Roman Gonzales) were pretty much perfect for it: they are used to skating with each other in Paris, have been heavily influenced by that era of skating and obviously look damn good on their skateboards. K-rod's fakie no comply down the 3 set and Vincent Touzery's wallie boardslide down the Bercy hubba alone make this edit worth watching, so add to that Cons' powerful English delegation and Pontus' dynamic editing and you've got one hell of a clip. They even somehow trick you into believing that Parisian winters aren't as grim as they seem...

[part title='Emerica Made Chapter One']

It feels like there are two different types of skate videos these days. The ones that make you want to skate because you can relate to them (the "normal good skating" Alex Olson was probably referring to in his Jenkem interview) and the ground-breaking gnarly ones that you enjoy in a very different way. Emerica's first chapter of "Made" is pretty much as good as it gets in terms of videos from the second category. Why? Because it's full of guys like Westgate who are pushing back the boundaries of skating by going higher, further and faster rather guys making ledge tricks too complicated to look at (even with the crazy slow-mos). The fact that it's short and quick paced also keeps it digestible. There's so much ridiculous skating jammed in these 20 minutes that I can definitely see why they chose to have the video separated into "Chapters". Having all those gnarly parts in one video might have been a little mind-numbing.