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Top 5 of the Month (June).

Sorry about posting this one so late, it should have been up at the beginning of last week. I was too busy having a good time in Berlin…


Javier Sarmiento & Erik J Pettersson in Sweet and SK8MAFIA’s “Stee”.

I seriously can’t remember the last time I was this stoked on a section  released online. I obviously knew I was going to enjoy it (the photos from their Kingpin interview were nuts and I’ve always been a huge fan of their skating) but it still somehow exceeded my expectations. There aren’t that many low impact skaters out there that still make you go “whaaat!” after each trick without falling into the stinking super-tech/switch-up category. Usually they are the same ones that manage to add something almost “magical” to each clip. The “magic” I’m referring to comes from little details such as Erik’s “chinese” nollie over the crack in the frontside flip to switch crook line or the way Javier barely moves his feet when he switch varial heels to put his board the right way around straight after the ledge trick at parallel. It’s stuff like this that really makes a section stand out. Of course having tricks that simply don’t make sense like Erik’s big flip over the steep channel gap also helps…


Flo Mirtain in Cliché’s Bon Voyage:

I don’t think there’s any need to explain why this one is in here. After his debut part in “Clé” everyone was expecting Flo to come through with an incredible part for Bon Voyage and that’s exactly what he did. End of story.

Instead I’d much rather talk about about how funny it is that the day after Thrasher dropped his section, Stereo released Tony Karr’s stereophonic sound part that was edited to exactly the same song. Why is this so amusing? Here’s what Flo said about finding a song for his part in his recent Kingpin interview (issue 114):

“At first I wanted to use “Pursuit of Happiness” by Lissie but when Pretty Sweet dropped it turned out to be Guy Mariano’s song, so using it wouldn’t have gone down too well. After that we managed to find another one with the same sort of vibe – except it was slightly calmer: “You Know What I Mean” by Cults. We went through the whole ordeal of asking for the rights, managed to get them and just as we thought we were set, out of the blue an American dude uses it for his turning pro section. Boris had practically finished editing my footage to it too! I couldn’t believe it was the second time it was happening to me… In the end we used a song Lucas found, “ Faithful Man” by Lee Fields. He sent it to Boris and it turned out to be the one I liked best out of all 3, so in a sense I can sort of say I got lucky…The song is such an important ingredient, it can be a real game changer for a section!”


Adidas Madrid:

According to Bobby Puleo’s Chrome Ball interview, Mark Suciu’s recent Adidas Philly part was “basically a simulation or portrayal of someone who actually is from or around Philly”.  What do you guys think? I love Bobby and appreciate everything he’s brought to skateboarding but I’m not sure I agree with him on this one. Mark Suciu isn’t trying to “mimmic” anyone. His approach to skating in this Madrid trip isn’t really any different from the one he adopted in Philly: tons of long lines, banks and quick footed ollie-up stuff.  Sure his skating is probably heavily influenced by the Eastern Exposure videos but how can that be a bad thing? Most kids these days haven’t even heard of those videos! Plus I know for a fact that Mark is a geek and I’m pretty sure he’s been influenced way too many videos to copy one style of skating even if he tried. Plus I don’t see the harm in liking a city’s spots and aesthetic so much that you decide to film a part there. Who cares if it looks radically different from where you grew up skating, isn’t that what makes you want to skate a new spot in the first place? The fact that Bobby spent so much time filming in London doesn’t really help his case either…

Anyway Suciu’s stuff in this clip is really good but so is everyone else’s. Benny Fairfax’s nollie nosegrind and downhill line with the the kickflip at the end were probably my favorite clips but seeing Lem back on his board and Rodrigo’s ender were also amongst the highlights. If Lucas was on that trip these guys would have been unstoppable…

I can’t wait to read  boiltheocean‘s  “half-baked ramble” (as he put it) about how these Adidas edits are the new Transworld videos.


Michal Juras in the Greay Area video.

This is the second “Grey Area” section Kuba Kaczmarczyk & Paweł Piotr Przybył’s released with Live Skateboard Media and it somehow turned out to be almost better than the first one. Just surviving a session on these treacherous, rugged  is a an exploit in itself, so seeing Michal charge at them so confidently simply blows my mind. No wonder he’s on Polar.


Kilian Zehnder’s in “Aitsch”.

The main thing that made me want to put this in here is Kilian’s trick selection (appart from the switch ups). Stuff like the mid-ledge front fifty backside bigspin, the slightly overcrooked back nose grind pop out (similar to how people do it on tranny) and the flatground fakie big spin easily made up for the boring spots. I quite like his style too. He’s stiff but in a good way.



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