Well here it is, our list of the top 5 videos that have come out in the first month of the the new year that is 2014. There's been a massive amount of stuff to chose from this last month, so have a look through to see what we think has deserved to be honoured in the ranks of this list. I'm sure 2014, the year of the Horse, has a lot of amazing stuff in store for us all so let's see how it unfolds.

Chewy Cannon's New Year present to us all on the first of January this year was an absolute belter of a part. As you should all know he skates as the streets going 100 mph and has the sickest nollie cabs in the game (including a supremely dope one over a bin in Bordeaux). With Ben Jobe and Tom Penny sightings and plenty of South London ripping, if this one didn't make the list we may as well give up.

[part title="Phil Zwijsen's Time Chase"]

Phil Zwijsen's "Time Chase" section that dropped last week is an absolute killer of a part. He kills all terrain in this lengthy and powerful demonstration of the insane things he can do on a board. There's some seriously gnarly stuff in here and some rad innovation too, so if you haven't seen this you've been slipping.

[part title="Lenz II:Semi Miyhara"]

Semi Miyhara's part from "Lenz II" got heads turning from across the globe. This underground Japanese ripper has got a serious flick on him, most impressively done out of lipslides, which if you haven't seen yet, are absoulte insanity. He gets so much pop off of them it's nearly unfathomable. Shinpei Ueno's latest video is a true work of genius, so check this one out for some far east ripping.

[part title="Tommy May in GTFBID"]

Tommy May's section in the new Perus Crew video "Get The Fucking Beers In Dickhead" is a really enjoyable and easy on the eyes watch. He skates with speed and a really laid back style. He now lives in Finland but hails from the same town as Chewy Cannon and you can sort of see that reflection of styles between the two. Tech skating at top speed. He even manages to make a kickflip boardslide on a ledge look banging!

Watch the other sections from the video HERE.

[part title="Anton Myhrvold"]

And last but not least we have Anton Myhrvold's "Don't Sweat the Technique" part that he filmed for Kingpin. This technician has some serious ledge skills and skates with speed and flow. Annihilating spots all over Spain and France, it's nice to see this dude getting some fully deserved recognition.