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New Sheet - The Ashes Griptape Promo

Who would have thought a promo for a griptape company would ever be this sick? Being run by Steve Forstner and having one hell of a team (Chris Pfanner, Madars Apse, Phil Zwijsen etc.) obviously helps but it's always nice to be reminded that with little or no budget you can still make a damn good skate clip.

[part title="Magenta: OLD WOOPS NEW GROOVE "]

As impressive as Leo Valls and Ben Gore's manoeuvres are, what really blew us away in this one was the filming. How on earth did he manage to stay so close to those dudes whilst bombing such gnarly hills? Simply making it to the bottom alive already seems like quite an achievement with all of those crazy driveway bumps, so imagine having to hold something very precious as steadily as possible at the same time! Not to mention the cars... Well done Zach Chamberlin.

[part title='"Carhartt WIP X Antiz - Swiss Banks']

To be honest I was pretty surprised that this Carhartt X Antiz Alps video went down so well. Everyone in the office loved it, mainly because of how weird and slow paced it was, but for those exact same reasons I was convinced it was going to flop. It's not exactly as easily digestible as a 3 minute Nyjah part is it? Yet somehow everyone seemed enjoy the absurdity of some the situations they found themselves in to shoot photos for the article featured in issue 120) and it actually ended up getting quite a lot of views. Even the Slap forum heads found positive things to say about it!

[part title="Nike SB - Daniel Lebron #notbadatall video part"]

Lebron really exceeded all of our expectations with this one, coming through with what could be considered to be his best part at the age of 37, after almost 20 years in the game. The fact that this smooth Spaniard is still learning new tricks, flying out of kickers and travelling the world to get clips for this Nike section is simply mind-blowing.

[part title='Habitat Skateboards: Search The Horizon']

This one was such a good Christmas present! Without having the cohesion of a proper full length Habitat video (you can tell each of them kind of filmed their stuff separately with a lot of different filmers) the legendary board company still managed to bring together a ton of great skateboarding, justifying Brian Delatorre's "Pro" status and once again reminding us that Mark Suciu is simply unstoppable. Plus there's almost 2 minutes of banging new Alex Davis footage in there...

[part title='Perus Wheels Welcomes Ross McGouran']

Every single month keeping these down to 5 clips has been a real struggle and for the first time we decided that we simply couldn't do it. I don't think I've ever been this hyped on a Ross McGouran clip. Everything in here is fucking sick, including the ender which is probably the first kickflip melon I've ever been stoked on.