You might have heard about it already, but for the homies not in the known, the 4th edition of La Rue Est Vers l'Image will start in France this August 28th, for one week. The plot is simple: you got one week to film "something" with your friends and hand it over to the cool guys with sunglasses behind the screen. Then, all the video are to be judged and voted upon by "Ze public"… The point is more creativity than stone cold hammers, as the first three years results will confirm. Many crews did really good, or actually won more on a good story, great filming/editing, etc. So, if you feel like you got it are based in one of the towns on the list, go for it. And if not, do keep an eye on it and vote later, because next year, this shit is going Euro, holmes! Start working on that script…

For inspiration, here are a couple entries from last year…

JVC FORCE envoyé par THETAPE. - Découvrez plus de vidéos créatives.

Filmed by Yoan Taillandier

and this one:

Skate Or Daille envoyé par benchabadourne. - Plus de vidéos fun.

Filmed by Ben Chadourne

Schedule/info, here:

And the site is officially on, so get organized with your friends and register!!!