Somebody sent me these two links a little while ago and to be honest I was quite confused. At first, I tried to ignore them. I thought that by suppressing my curiosity I would manage to convince myself that they didn't exist, and ultimately forget about them forever. That plan didn't really work out and soon enough I gave in: I created an account. How can you blame me, it was free? Obviously I'm too much of a coward to make one for myself, so I created one for one of my friends. Hot-ginger-indie-boy,was the sexy little username I  chose for him. With the handsome profile picture I uploaded and with a name like that, this couldn't go wrong. I even mentioned that he was sponsored and could hook chicks up with some free boards in exchange for some love...He was bound to get some tenderness with an account like this one. Sadly the message on the home page saying "100% free to join" ended up being a lie, so I dropped the whole thing. The idea of it was fun while it lasted. To be honest it's probably for the best, at least now we are still friends.

It did make me realise something though, that the guys who actually pay for this service are insane. Actually no, not just insane, because by definition if you use a dating website you have to be little insane (and very desperate). More like absolutely fucking mental. This isn't because the girls on the website aren't attractive, I myself find lonely-emo-33 quite charming. It's more about not worrying about their safety. History has shown us that female-skate-posers are a vicious breed.

I don't think their brains make up for their looks or their manners either...

This must not be misinterpreted for a misogynistic comment about the girls who actually skate. I'am just trying to evaluate how retarded you have to be  to click "Join Now!" on one of these ridiculous websites. Wait a second, I just did that.