Here are a few impressions from a little Nike filming mission to Cypress. The swoosh is stocking up on heavy footage these days, so you can be sure something sick will be dropping sometime next year!

First – of course – airport chilling, airport food, airport boredom. Lennie and Wieger waiting for the homies to fly in…


Then, next day, time for the bangers! Guess what never been done move Wieger is doing here on this close to twenty stair railing, and win…  nothing! Note: It's not a pressure flip noseblunt!

Wieger Inward NB

Either way, must be a hell of a move – just take a look at how Nickels is working double shift in order to get it.


Once that was bagged, sun was already sinking rapidly – 5 pm and it's pitch dark over there! Just too bad, if the weather still calls for more skate action…


More to come…