In a few hours most us will be have finished work, so lets get hyped for this weekend.First up is Luy-Pa Sin's part in the Nomad video. Did that stupid yo flip trend come from a bunch of people failing to imitate his and Janoski's tre flips?

People tend to forget that Pontus was on Arcade at one point. I find it quite amusing that he used to skate for the same company as Daniel Haney or Tyrone Olson... It's over ten years old but I still find it relevant. Plus I don't think it's phisically posible to dip a smith any more than the one he does on the gap to ledge in this section.

Maybe it would be a good idea to finish off with something recent. This came out last year and got me hyped for days. That backside 180 nose grind down the rail then quick frontside halfcab flip clip is the best thing ever.

If you don't want to skate after having watched these clips, then I can't do anything for you. Your officially hopeless...