Vert Attack 4, 2010 - The First Blood Session

Vert Attack at Bryggeriet in Malmö has become one of Europes most respected and most entertaining vert events and this year was no different. This was the fourth edition and people traveled from all over Europe to participate and witness what would become the craziest vert comp in many years.

What must be some kind of record with 67 participants, the youngest 10 years old and oldest 48, the newly designed midvert at Bryggeriet saw a lot of action over the weekend.

In the end it was up to twelve vert soldiers to battle it out in two final heats. This week's Ten Trickster Andy Scott went ballistic and was unstoppable with some Tom Penny like lip trickery and the most amazing and relaxed style ever. Last years winner Jussi Korhonen followed closely and vert legend and all around style king Nicky Guerrero took third.

We at Bryggeriet are super stoked that so many people showed up and made such an effort to make this event totally amazing. Thank you all! Midvert rules!


1. Andy Scott 2. Jussi Korhonen 3. Nicky Guerrero 4. Sam Bosworth

5 - 12. Adam Halvorsen, Jake Anderson, Oskar Gydell, Alex Hallford, Thomas Kring, Mattias Svensson, Sam Beckett, Anders Tellen.