Vert Attack 4 - The First Blood Session

For the fourth time Bryggeriet Skatepark presents what is known as the European Championships in Midvert, Vert Attack 4 - The First Blood Session. The competition will take place at Bryggeriet Skatepark in Malmö Sweden on the 30th of January 2010. This year we will see a newly designed midvert with new riding surface, new coping, more viking blocks, a channel and a slight corner that makes one side of the ramp a bit wider. We have confirmed riders from all over Europe, great prizes and lots of visual entertainment.

Vert Attack 4 - First blood session 30/1 Bryggeriet Malmo Sweden

Schedule Bryggeriet opens 14.00 Registration 14.15 Opening Vert Attack 4 16.00 Qualifications starts 16.05 Finals 20.00 Prizegiving 21.30 Bryggeriet closing 22.00

Prizemoney 1 place 5 000 kr + special prize 2 place 3 000 kr + special prize 3 place 1 500 kr + special prize 4 place 500 kr

Other prizes Trick of the heat x 8 Best 40+ Best girl Best trick overall Best junior Swedish vertskater 2009 - vote on

DJ Kalle Hell, Nuke èm skateboards

Skateblaster By DOFI and Bryggeriet. New uniqe soundsystem special made for skatecompetition. First time anywhere ever!

Speaker Stan Postmus, Amsterdam (Malmo Ultra Bowl speaker 2009)

Judges Rasmus Sörensen, Copenhagen Anders Karlsson, Stockholm Magnus Olsevik Gothenburg

Afterparty 23.00 - 01.00, Resturang LeLe 01.00 - 03.00, Unconfirmed

Confirmed riders Fredrik Nilsson, Malmö Andreas Snooken, Malmö Björn Handell, Malmö Kalle Pool B, Malmö Andreas Paraskevas, Malmö/Greece Jocke Olsson, Malmö Dave Toms, Malmö/Melbourne Pär Magnusson, Malmö Johan Sunden, Malmö Fernando Bramsmark, Malmö Robin Roos, Trelleborg John Magnusson, Stehag Oskar Gydell, Hässleholm Macki Chounouzidis, Stockholm/Greece Patric Backlund, Stockholm Anders Karlsson, Stockholm Dave Östlund, Stockholm Uffe Andersson, Stockholm Markus Rengfors, Stockholm Henke Primitiv, Skellefteå Pekka Linell, Stockholm Jerry Kopare, Stockholm Lassatail, Stockholm Steven White, Stockholm/New Zeeland Stephen Mattisson, Stockholm Jan Loften, Stockholm Harry Brummer, Stockholm/USA Anna Smideman, Stockholm Mattias Svensson, Halmstad Sten Åke Volden, Halmstad Daniel “Haben sie wax" Beck, Frankfurt Marcel “Punk" Bourgeon, Frankfurt Bjorn Klotz, Dortmund Anders “Poolpanic" Tellen, Dortmund Peter Dietsches, Dusseldorf Volker Lux, Hamburg Jon Harald, Norway Espen Roed, Norway Jon Pedersen, Norway Adil Dyani, Norway Stephen "Wingy" Wilkinsson, UK Sam Bosworth, UK Sam Beckett, UK Pete King, UK Sean Goff, UK Chris Carlilse, UK Matthew Carlilse, UK Andy Scott, UK Lois Pendelbury, UK Jake Andersson, UK Adam Halverson, UK Jonathan Haywire, USA Franziska Stoltz , Basel Christoff Neuman, France Edas, Roskilde Thomas Kring, Copenhagen Thomas Madsen, Copenhagen Mikkel Sodborg, Copenhagen Bjorn Lillesoe, Copenhagen Martin Björk, Gothenburg Magnus Olsevik, Gothenburg Enrico Petralia, Gothenburg Katta Sterner, Gothenburg Jussi Korhonen, Finland Mika Löfgren, Finland Bob Joosten, Netherlands + many more

Love the fact that many more have confirmed their participation, but evidently have withheld their names, competing anonymously. Aslo, when you look at the list, you get an idea of where dudes are riding vert these days. Make the effort and get there if you can, this is promising to be one hell of a session.