Daan gets paid. Photo: Alex Post

The doubles miniramp comp took place on Saturday. It was very intense, so intense that three people were hospitalized. Because of the injuries, the comp was cut short in the final stage and the four teams that were still in the game at that point divvied up the cash. It has to be said again that Alain Goikoetxea is a true professional. And so is Andy Scott. Manhead was still skating the ramp all by himself at 4:30 pm, half an hour into the comp, when Andy was on his way down from the mountains where he'd been snowboarding all day. Alain was filming in the snow park until about 4 pm as well. They both murdered the ramp from the first drop in.

In any case, as far as results, well, Jake Collins took home the most cash in the best trick comp and the four teams still skating when it was time to blow the whistle were Josh “Manhead" Young & Andy Scott, Martino Cattaneo & Kevin Blaser, and Micky Iglesias & Phil Zwijsen.