While we get our heads around what the hell happened this weekend in Italy, have a look at the results below. Over all winner of the 4th annual Vans Spring Classic in Varazze was Alain Goikoetxea. There's plenty of footage and snaps to sort through so there will be an article and a clip out at some point very soon.



1st Place Martin Pek

2nd Place Nassim Guammaz

3rd Place Chris Vile


Overall best rider of the finals: "L'Imperatore" ALAIN GOIKOETXEA

Best line/combo of the finals: "Il piatto completo" JOSH YOUNG

Best technical rider of the finals: "L'ingegnere" DANNIE CARLSEN

Best Double ride of the finals: "La Famiglia" KEVIN KOWALSKI / ANDY SCOTT

Hottest single trick of the finals: "Il Vesuvio" ANDY SCOTT: EGG PLANT TO DISASTER

1st rider not qualified for the finals: "Il Fantozzi" ADRIEN MARCO

Most Original tricks of the finals: "Mamma mia!!!" DAAN VAN DER LINDEN: ROPE STALL FAKIE

Best Switch trick/ride of the finals: "L'uomo Vitruviano" MICKY IGLESIAS

Longest Rock'n'roll or lipslide of the finals: "Il Sifredi" IVAN RIVADO

Best style of the finals: "Il Dongiovanni" ROSS MCGOURAN

Worst slam of the weekend: "The Spaghetti Western" MASON MERLINO

Best oldskool tricks/ride of the finals: "Il Padrino" ROB SMITH

Luckiest move of the finals: "La botta di culo" KRIS VILE

Best attitude of the weekend: "La Dolce Vita" FERIT BATIR

Fastest rider of the finals: "Il Beep-Beep" JAKE COLLINS

Best use of all the mini ramp's options: "Il Tutto Fare" ROSS MCGOURAN

Most resistant rider of weekend: "Il Gladiatore" ALESSANDRO SORGENTE