For those who don’t know it yet, the Vans Shop Riot concept is simple: various skateshop's teams battled it out in national qualifications and the winners were invited to the finals, this October 9th, at the Skatepark of Winterthur, Switzerland where they competed for the overall winner title. The vibe was cool, as was the skating, and the after party was pretty darn good too…

Good skating, free food and booze, what more do you want?

Big up to everybody at Vans and Monster for making this happen.

1st place ABS France_photo credit Lionel Sandoz

1st Place in this years Vans Shop Riot goes to Annecy's ABS. Ph. Lionel Sandoz

2nd place fifty fifty team_photo credit_Jerome Loughran

2nd Place goes to Bristol's Fifty Fifty Store. Ph. Jerome Loughran

nabil flip copy

Nabil Slimani, kickflipping over the big table straight to the first place with his ABS teammates. Ph. Nikwen

Chris Stuifzand back noseblunt

Chris Stuifzand has his back noseblunt slides on lock, as you can see, he was churning these out, with style and ease, all day. Ph. Nikwen


Joe Habgood knows that coming second is what true gents do, picking your nose in public, on the other hand, is a little rude, don't you think geggs? Ph. Nikwen


Standard waffle iron shot. Ph. Nikwen

Thanks to Vans. Keep supporting the independent shops & scenes!

Results :

1. ABS, France €2,500 + a Vans guitar for each skater

2. Fifty Fifty, England €1,500 + a Vans guitar for each skater skater

3. 5 Boro, Germany €1,000

Best trick :

Tim Zom, Ben-G Skateshop, Holland