This weekend Oct 13.-14., Vans and Monster invite the 12 qualifying skate shop teams from Europe & The Mid-East to the 2012 Shop Riot Finals at Münster’s Skaters Palace. Local Shop Riot battles went down in Germany, UK, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands & Luxemburg, Poland, Portugal, France and Israel. Each local country final is sending their best team to this weekend’s event.

Every team that qualified gets an all-expense paid trip to the 2-day finals, where they will skate for a slice of the 5000 Euro prize purse and the task of hosting a photo dude and a filmer guy from Kingpin in their hometown for a week. The hard work will pay off as a print article and a web edit right here.

The following Skate Shop’s Team Riders edged out the competition in the country battles:

Ø Pascal Reif, Roland Hirsch & Ilja Judizki from TITUS Berlin (Germany)

Ø Lukas Danek, Maxim Habanec & Martin Pek from STREETMARKET (CZ Republik)

Ø Daniel Weiss, Karni Offir, Noam Beer & Lior Pinto from GILI’S Skateshop (Israel)

Ø Michal Kobus, Jacek Golda & Michal Adamczewski from ATAF Skateshop (Poland)

Ø Thibaud Fradin, Armand Vaucher, Alexandre Priol & Mihiel Guerhane from CLICK Skateshop (France)

Ø Cristian Sanchez Barragan, Sergi Gomez Tenes, Cristian Delgado Alos, Daniel Delgado Bermudez from ANTIDOT (Spain)

Ø Andy Scott, Jiri Burlin, Eddie Belvedere & Rob Smith from BLACK SHEEP (UK)

Ø Alessandro Cesana, Sergio Reinhardt, Jacopo Carozzi & Claudio Santoro from CONTESTSHOP (Italy)

Ø Pero Jurkic, Kevin Blaser, Igor Fardin & Geri Hugo from JOKER SHOP (Switzerland)

Ø Chris Stuyvezand, Leander Geelhoed, Koen Mulder & Ewoud Breukink from BEN-G (Benelux)

Ø Simon Isaksson, Fernando Bramsmark, Olof Hörnesten & Simon Andersson From STREETLAB (Sweden)

Ø Afonso Nery, Anibal Martins, Bruno Senra & Tiago Lopes from ERICEIRA (Portugal)