Vans' Downtown Showdown went down yesterday at the heart auf Hamburg, Germany's district for dry throats and lonely hearts: the infamous St.Pauli "Reeperbahn".

Jart, Death, Blind Europe, Titus, Antiz, Cliché and Element Europe were in charge of the ripping, each team providing four of their best to session four obstacles, one hour each.

The weahter forecast had been looking grim for Saturday, yet still the sky held, and the radness could go down, under the watchful eyes of hundreds of spectators and legends Tony Alva, John Cardiel and Danny Wainwright, who presented the comp.

In the end the Element team won, Antiz came in second and Blind Europe third, also splitting most of the single and obstacle-specific awards amongst their riders, with Phil Zwijsen taking best AM


and Sam Partaix taking best PRO.


A very nice event all in all, just what those deserveing winners did with their shares of the 50 grand prize money, with one of Europe's most renown red light districts in only a stone's throws reach, remains a mystery