Oakley UK Independent Vert Series - Stage 2 - Corby

All the usual faces were in attendance with the exception of the mighty Dave Allen who is currently in Atlanta and Mr Pete King who was locked in his bathroom suffering after a messy night out! The 2 Sams were back from their recent success at Tampa ams and were of course on fine form.

The B-Group was a real mixed affair as usual with an age range from early teens to somewhere in the forties I suspect. Special props to Manfred and Zak Kutz (father and son) who made the long drive from Cornwall and both entered - skating a vert comp with your dad must be pretty rad! In a reversal of the Mt Hawke results Oakley Liddell came out on top with his power and some sick moves like fronstside stalefish as well as a backside kickflip. Second went to Joe the Skin who is coming on in leaps and bounds throwing together long runs with back to back airs. Third place went to Nick Hanson who is also improving fast and with an ever growing bag of tricks.

It seems as though the A-group has already turned into a battle for 3rd place as the Sams seem to be groing more untouchable by the day! Sam Bosworth was as usual blasting high but stayed low enough to the coping for just a second to pull a surprise blunt fakie out the bag, unusually he suffered a few too many early bails in the jams. Sam Beckett has a huge trick bag, smooth effortless style and is definitely one of my favourites (hence why I sponsor him!), every run was different and featured a really good mix of lip tricks and airs notably a huge array of flip stuff, the mandatory 540's and some very nice tailgrabs. It's always tough between these two but Beckett had the consistency on the day and that put him in first, making it 1 all in the series so far! In third place Scotty pulled some ridiculously tech lip trick runs together and as usual was a favourite with everyone present, it's the unpredictably of his skating that makes it so good to watch, you really have no idea what is coming next! frontside boardslides, frontside hurricane, egg plants, f/s feeble grind - all ridiculously hard tricks pulled with the usual Scotty ease! Fourth spot went to some old git called Sean Goff who displayed his usual selection of fine tricks from every era of skateboarding as well as tag-timing MC duties with Wingy and later Rob Ayton. Full results from both groups below.

Thanks to everyone for coming, it was a lot of fun as usual, see you all at Blackpool in May!

As is customary: Thanks to all the sponsors: Oakley, Rockstar, Vans, Bones, Flip, Protec. Also to Sean Goff, Rob Ayton, Wingy and everyone at The Alley for their help on the day as well as judges: Joxa, Trawler and Jon Nixon. Special thanks to Manhead, Doug and Sammy Graystone for the trophies!


1: Oakley Liddel 2: Joe The Skin 3: Nick Hanson 4: Rob Ayton 5: Mike Day 6: Jon Nixon 7: Zak Kutz 8: Rob Jones 9: James Threlfall 10: Manfred Kutz 11: Peter Leader


1: Sam Beckett 2: Sam Bosworth 3: Andy Scott 4: Sean Goff 5: Alex Halford 6: Jim the Skin 7: Jimmy Langran 8: Wingy 9: Trevor Johnson 10: Chris Spenser 11: Chris Hudson 12: Adam Halvorsen 13: Pete Dossett 14: Jussi Korhonnen 15: Nick Rees 16: Jake Anderson