Birdhouse has added a bunch of new videos on their site. So have many others, you say, but do those "others" have a jump back five seconds button on their player? Didn't think so. With this groundbreaking innovation that the international skate community has been waiting for, Birdhouse have solved the problem of rewinding half the part when, really, you only wanted to see if the last trick was switch or regular. Genius.

You got to love Glenn Wignall. Just a friendly reminder.

Also agreeing with 48 Blocks here: Brian Anderson is a beast.

DVS international in Barcelona on the DVS site.

In other shoe news for new shoes, Axion is back.

When's the last time you thought: "I wonder when the Emerica video is out?" If it's been more than a couple of days, check the teasers again and get thinking.

Yesterday in the car and on the spots the whole day Simo Mäkelä couldn't stop raving about this BMX clip. Have to admit, he's a joke, Ruben. Simo isn't half bad himself, though. More of him in the next issue of KP, hitting shops any day now.