Out Of Steppe movie online – Carhartt have released Stephen Roe's skateboarding in Mongolia opus, Out Of Steppe for everyone to watch in full-length. Definitely something to plan in for the weekend…

Trough Stephen Roe’s lens, a heterogeneous crew addresses the contrast of skateboarding from the infinite steppes to forgotten Mongolian towns, and incidentally discovers an urban blooming scene riding the saddle of a galloping Globalization.

Directed, filmed and edited by Stephen Roe

Skateboarders: Joseph Biais, Jerome Campbell, Igor Fardin, Yoshihiro “Deshi" Omoto, Sylvain Tognelli, Phil Zwijsen

Original soundtrack: Joel Curtis, Samuel Jones

More info, some photos from accompanying coffee table book "From Dirt To Dust" and an interview with photog, Percy Dean and skater, Jerome Campbell here.