Säätö is an art exhibition taking place in the artists' cooperative gallery in Fiskars, Finland. The show opens this Saturday 27.11. at 2pm. Featured in the exhibition, among others, are Janne Saario, Anssi Kasitonni and Tuukka Kaila. Element's Janne Saario is exhibiting scale models of the two skateparks, Micropolis and Kauniainen that were both built in the past few years in the Helsinki area. Along with the models, there are video clips of him and friends skating the actual parks. The models are incredibly detailed, and with the Kaunianen park it's also an interesting chance to see what budget cuts do to great plans, when the realized park is in fact something quite different from the one Janne designed.


From January, the exhibition hall next to the gallery will have a skateable sculpture by Janne. Available at the gallery shop for the duration of the show are Kingpin magazines, Element boards, Based On Truth zines, old back issues of Numero magazines and for the first time in Finland, Adam Sello's influential Anzeige Berlin zines and Henry Kingsford's brilliant London focused Grey magazines. We'll do our best to get new issues of Kingpin out to the gallery shop as and when they come out. The December issue, which is conveniently the first ever Kingpin photo issue is in a box and on it's way there as I'm typing this.


The exhibition runs from November 28th through til April 24th. Opening reception on November 27th at 2 pm. Come have a drink and a sophisticated art chit chat with us. Disclaimer: Please note that press is present and all the bullshit is recorded in a giant logbook, kept in the back and published at a later date. It always is.