Yesterday the Daily Mail and a bunch of other newspapers announced the Southbank centre's plans for its new Festival Wing. They involve giving the Hayward gallery a face-lift and as you can expect that means getting rid of London's most iconic skate spot. The news was met with an uproar from the skateboarding community, but it still seems like quite a lot of people consider our opinion completely irrelevant. Here's what I mean:

"Balls to skateboarders! When will they realise that it's NOT the 1980s and they are NOT Marty Mcfly?!?"

Redspider, Blackpool, United Kingdom, 7/3/2013 10:53

I can't say I was expecting Daily Mail readers be passionate about skateboarding (or brutalist architecture), but that's one of the most insane comments I've ever read! Do you reckon his girlfriend cheated on him with a skater or something?

Anyway, if you want take part in the discussions revolving around this whole issue here is probably a good place to start.

You can also watch this clip to find out why they aren't satisfied with the current state of the buildings, you'll even catch a glimpse of one of Jensen' backside flip attempts over the barrier!