Wunderbaum Magazine in Denmark interview Ed Templeton at his ongoing exhibition My Soul Is Worried But Not Me at the Nils Staerk gallery in Copenhagen. The show runs through til June 26th, so if you have a chance, drop by.


The hanging in the show is a break off of sorts from Ed's usual seemingly random and chaotic clusters of photos in a variety of frames, often hung on top of on-site murals. The hanging in My Soul Is Worried But Not Me gives the visitor the welcome chance to appreciate the photos for what they are individually as well as as parts of a bigger body of work. This is great, as sometimes the hanging of these photos can get in the way of what's in them, a very common difficulty with contemporary photography exhibitions that often turn photographs into raw material for installation. So even if you've seen some of these in Ed's previous shows before, it's well worth visiting Nils Staerk.