This past week Vans Shop Riot Series 2017 visited the Vans “Off The Wall" skatepark in Moscow, Russia.

The renovation of the skatepark was made specifically for the event and included new obstacles and artwork illustrated by British legend RICHT.

16 shop teams from all over Russia went into battle to fight for the title of “Best Russian Shop Team" and therefore winning a ticket to Milan, Italy for the finals.

It was a strong competition amongst the skateshops, but it was clear who the winner would be from the outset – SKVOT from Moscow.

The Nixon Best trick competition was won by Misha Stepanov, who was so upset that his team hadn’t won in the team competition, therefore decided to take matters into his own hands and nail a kickflip bs nosebluntside. The top four best riders in the unique UltraRange Contest finished with Gosha Konyshev, Dima Dvoinishnikov, Dima Bravichev and David Gaziev on top.

The music accompaniment of Vans Shop Riot was provided by DJ Mike Rock. In the evening, the day’s festivities finished with a music concert by Russian Rock band - The Barber.


  1. Skvot
  2. SibSub
  3. OddDays and Boardshop №1

Best Trick Winner:

Misha Stepanov (Kickflip BS Nosebluntside)