Vans Shop Riot Netherlands 2017: The Riot continued this past weekend, making the short trip from Belgium to Holland, taking over the infamous Burnside Skatepark.

If there is one thing we know about a Dutch event, the Riot never disappoints. With a packed and vociferous audience crammed into this iconic location the 18 skate shop teams met the challenge head on.

Skateboarding, waffles and beer seemed to be a theme for the day, and as a new component the Nixon best trick contest added an extra edge with Leon Wolters successfully winning, nailing a BS bigspin flip over a ridiculously long bump to bump.

In the main riot, Burnside prevailed as champions and therefore gained the golden ticket to the finals taking place later in the year. Special mentions to Manus and Shifty for pushing the Burnside team all the way.

The Riot heads to Poruba Skatepark, Czech Republic next on the 13th May.

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  1. Burnside, Deventer: Rob Maatman, Jelle Maatman & Bert Roeterdink
  2. Manus, Den Haag: Woody Hoogendijk, Billy Hoogendijk & Justin Wagener
  3. Shifty, Enschede: Niels Geltink, Martijn Kruse & Bert Wilmink

Best Trick Winner:

Leon Wolters – Bs bigspin flip over the long bump-to-bump

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