We’ve put the Berlin week in a nutshell for you. All the locations, all the best skaters, all the shenanigans…

DC shoes set the Berlin skateboarding mayhem off with the opener session for Bright tradeshow on Wednesday 8th of July at outdoor club Else. On Thursday Place mag asked everyone for a spicy session on the MBU volcano. Friday saw Bright closing with the Not So Serious Skateboard Bowl Competition at Chalet. Intense highlight of the week was Nike SB’s Berlin Open at the Nike SB Shelter which also featured the Foxtrack Deathrace hosted by Lennie Burmeister who was also in charge of design and build of all bright locations.

This edit by Sam Bailey gives a pretty good summary of an intense week of the many shades of skateboarding 2015 – all with a Berlin vibe.

Skaters featured: Tommy Fynn, Samuel Beyer, Nassim Guammaz, Madars Apse, Chris Elizondo, Jean Wepend, Patrick Rogalski, Casper Brooker, Daan van der Linden, Josef Scott Jatta, Deo Katunga, Diego Fiorese, Louis Taubert, Ville Wester, Kevin Baekkel, Douwe Macare, Aurelien Giraud, Carlos Ribeiro, Fernando Bramsmark, Dannie Carlsen, Dylan Witkin, Hugo Boserup, Farid Ulrich, Rodrigo Gonzalez, Oskar Hallberg, Simon Karlsson, Adrien Bulard