14 TH - 15 TH JUNE

Qualifiers for yesterday’s inaugural Nike SB Paris AM, hosted at one of Europe’s most important skate spots, Le Dome, had up and coming amateur skaters from across the continent compete on a selection of purpose built new features situated in the fountain, drained for the event.

In a set up that consisted almost exclusively of flat banks and ledges and with practice runs a precious commodity, skaters looking to get through to Wednesday’s final needed to adapt quickly to the challenging park, discover workable lines and show the judges their ability to be creative across the whole space. Clearly favoring true street skaters with the ability to work within a tight space and to lay down tricks in between sporadic rain, 10 skaters now get the opportunity to ride again today, where they meet 20 pre-qualified skaters including established names such as UK’s Casper Broker and Italy’s Jacopo Carozzi in the semi finals.

Scroll down for some Maksim Kalanep and Marcel Veldman photos from day one.

paris am Casper-Brooker-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep
paris am Santiago-Sasson-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep
paris am Overview-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep copy
paris am Dog-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep
paris am Andrew-Verde-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep
paris am Jacopo_kyron_parisam_marcelveldman
paris am Judges-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep
paris am Crew2-Nike-SB-Euro-Series-Paris-AM-Day-1-June-2016-Photographer-Maksim-Kalanep