Nike SB Berlin Open Winners

Nike SB Berlin Open Final Results

1st Aurelien Giraud 2nd Kevin Baekkel 3rd Carlos Ribeiro

4th Richard Tury 5th  Maxim Habanec 6th Douwe Macare

7th Justin Sommer 8th Alex Mizurov 9th Oskar Hallberg

10th Roger Silva

The 40 riders who qualified from the previous day stepped it up a notch with the chance to win a share of the €20,000 prize and a paid trip to the Copenhagen Open next week.

Carlos Ribeiro had one of the tricks of the day with a switch flip back tail down the hubba during his Final run.

Kevin Baekkel was charging all weekend, hitting the whole park, a fair few of the walls in his runs and landing a 540 from the quater pipe into the flatbank.

Aurelien Giraud qualified first from the semi finals and carried on in the same vein in the finals. A first try kickflip from the vert ramp platform into the park followed by a 360 flip down the 7 in a line, was only equalled by a hard flip down the same drop with a broken board. The Frenchman took home the first place prize of €6000 as well as a ticket to the Copenhagen Open

Nike SB Berlin Open Neverton Casella

Brazilian, Neverton Casella, took home the best trick prize after landing a kickflip backside noseblunt and then one-upping himself with a nollie heel backside noseblunt.

Best trick Results

1st Neverton Casella - Nollie heel back nose blunt.

2nd Carlos Ribeiro - switch flip back smith.

3rd Yuri Facchini – Hard flip back nose grind.

Nike SB Berlin Open Aurelien Giraud Hardflip

Aurelien Giraud's consistent skating all weekend was rewarded by the judges as he took home the title at the Nike SB Berlin Open.

Nike SB Berlin Open Aurelien Giraud

Aurelien Giraud's ridiculous hardflip from the top of the vert ramp into the park, on a broken board.

Nike SB Berlin Open Tim Zom, Nassim Guammaz, Carlos Ribeiro

Tim Zom and Nassim Guammaz congratulate Carlos Ribeiro who took home 3rd place at the Nike SB Berlin Open.

Nike SB Berlin Open Adrien Bulard

Adrien Bulard finding new obstacles at the Nike SB Berlin Open. We got a clip on the Kingpin Instagram account if you want to see just how gnarly this was.

Nike SB Berlin Open

The winner of the 2015 Nike SB Berlin Open, Aurelien Giraud.


Adrien Bulard backtails in the finals. Pic: Maksim Kalanep.


Kevin Baekkel, giant alley-oop nosebrab from qp to bank. Pic: Maksim Kalanep


Shajen Willems, nollie crooks the ledge. Pic: Maksim Kalanep


Winner Aurelien Giraud, backsmith over the hip.