Jorge Simoes takes 1st in Saturday’s 2016 Barcelona AM finals

The sea breeze off the Mediterranean did little to cool today’s finals of the Nike SB Barcelona AM at Skate Agora.

Qualified amateur riders from yesterday’s heats and semis took to the park from early afternoon to lock down lines and tricks in order to try and scoop part of the €10,000 prize money and a ticket to the Nike SB Berlin Open for the ultimate super final winner.

Taking to the course in groups of 3, the level of speed and technicality was raised another level from the off. Robin Bolian tore around the park on a mission eating up the end quarter pipe, Marek Zaprazny Nollie bs flip down the stairs, nollie front heel over the bump to bump and Phil Zwijsen took an incredible 2 and a half minute run but wasn’t good enough in the judges eyes to put him in the top 3.

The super final saw Gard Hvaara, Jorge Simoes and Gustavo Ribeiro go head to head in what turned out to be rail and stair battle which was ultimately taken by Simoes helped by a 180 switch crook and backside over crook down the rail.

1st Jorge Simoes 2nd Gustavo Ribeiro 3rd Gard Hvaara

Before prize giving the best trick saw traditional hammers and no hopers being thrown down the stairs, ledge and rail in the best trick.

1st Ivan Monteiro 270 Kickflip varial

2nd Egor Kaldikov Fakie tre backlip

3rd Richard Tury Nollie bigflip boardslide

Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MarcelV-Winners
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MarcelV-PhilZwijsen
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MaskimK-Park (1)
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MarcelV-JorgeSimoes
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MarcelV-EgorKaldikov
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MarcelV-RobinBolian
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MaskimK-PhilZwijsen
Barcelona AM NikeSB_BCNAM2016_Day02Finals-Photo-MaskimK-GustavoRibeiro