Canada seems to be the avant-garde of fun skate contests these days. Next evidence: Empire Games "Drop of Doom" challenge. Another banger of an "unconventional skateboard contest concentrated on thinking outside the box and having fun" from Montreal: Empire Games second stop, the Drop of Doom: a drop-in contest. A vert wall with foot size pieces of vert being stacked on top with each new round, highest drop in wins. 12" blocks were added to a 10-foot-high transition in a pyramid formation until reach of the maximum drop in point.

Spectators in Montreal got to see some epic slams and makes throughout the day, however, it was Phil Dulude who came out on top with a mind blowing 20ft drop in, Leon Chapdelaine and Jordan Gallant tied for second dropping in from 18th.

Honoralbe mentions:

Highest Switch Drop In: Cody Cormier & Leon Chapdelaine – 13ft

Highest Roll In: Phil Dulude – 14ft