Skate Muzik with Gino Ianucci

Gianluca Quagliano kindly sent over this new episode of his show, Skate Muzik, starring Gino Ianucci. We'll let Gianluca set the scene for you, then hit play and listen to Gino's pearls of wisdom.

"Gino's always been my favorite skateboarder, last November he happened to be in Milan, Italy, where I live. We got to hang out, take a walk around Milan (it was raining, so no skate that day) and ended up at his rented place on the Navigli to discuss skateboarding, the pros and cons of being considered a legend, the Trilogy video, his new found love for skateboarding thanks to the Fucking Awesome team, how much he likes Bill Strobeck's work, style and trends in skateboarding and so many other things, i really think this is my favorite Gino interview ever (guess what ah).  At night we went out partying and bullshitting too, at like 2.30am we were screaming out in the streets, and almost ended up in a fight with some dudes outside of a pub too, it's been intense.The next day everything was ok though, Gino came back to the US, i edited the interview and now u got it. Hopefully he'll be back soon in Italy too, and we gonna go out to skate. It's all about the struggle, and the victory, afterwards, like he said to me. Hope you'll enjoy it."

Gino Ianucci portrait