So here are the final results for this year's Simpel Session:

1. Ryan Sheckler

2. Axel Cruysberghs

3. Nassim Guammaz

4. Phil Zwijsen

5. Austen Seaholm

6. Marek Zaprazny

7. Ryan DeCenzo

8. Ben Grove

9. Jonathan Thijs

10. Maxim Habanek

11. Lukas Danek

Regarding best trick on the high as a kite flat bar, the word's not out yet, but good contenders for it would be Sheckler's fs blunt bs flip out, Lukas Danek's flip fs board and Jonathan Thijs's feeble fs bigspin out.


Ben Grove fs ollie. Flipped it later.


Josh Young rock'n'roll

Check back for more photos and Hold Tight's edit later on.