Simpel Session has worked its way up in the ranks of skate comps and made it to the World Cup Skate series. With that announcement, they're also confirming Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Chris Haslam and Austin Seaholm. The riders list is growing towards the event date, so have a look here to see who's there in the end. And see below to check who's in Skopje visiting relatives at the moment. Hope he makes it back in time to simply session. Maybe he's already back. Enis Fazliov at the Simpel Session 2010 >>

In other Simpel related news, expect to catch a glimpse of Soy Panday on the course - and Roy Sunday off the course, if you're lucky.


Soy has designed a nice t-shirt for the Simpel Session this year. Take a peek it at the webstore.