Seven Inch Skateboards is a new board company starting up in Finland, headed by Esa Hytönen and Mikko Kivikoski. Those with a nerdy eye for detail, will notice two names on the Seven Inch team list, formerly on the Control team list. The new brand, however, is not an off-shoot or sister company, it's an independent venture. As we wait for further news and a 7 minute promo video (how witty!) they're promising in the next few days, all we can do is read the press release over and over again:

"Seven Inch Skateboards is all about skateboarding. From a skater to another. Our aim is to support skateboarders and skateboarding plus provide high quality products with changing graphics from different artists around the world."

Team: Mikko Kivikoski Olli Ilmonen Nikolai Alin

Waiting for the website. In the mean time, check the blog. Oh and one more thing. Those artists they mentioned. One of them is Funeral French!