The bowl in the back has a new section that solves the problem of a dead end corner that it used to have. Julien is getting acquainted with the concrete coping on top of the exit hole. Feeble that shit.



1. Axel Cruys­berghs (BEL)

2. Louie Lopez (USA)

3. Lem Villemin (GER)

4. Cur­ren Caples (USA)

5. Andy Welther (GER)

6. Lennie Burmeis­ter (GER)

7. Louis Taubert (GER)

8. Albert Nyberg (SWE)

9. Maxime Genin (FRA)

10. Neil Smith (GBR)

Death or Glory Bowl­jam pre­sented by Zimt­stern

1. Cur­ren Caples (USA)

2. Jür­gen Hor­rwarth (GER)

3. Julien Beno­liel (ITA)

4. Mar­tin Jurasik (CZE)

5. Ivan Fed­erico (ITL)

6. Axel Cruys­berghs (BEL)

7. Mickey Igle­sias (SUI)

8. Robin Men­trup (GER)

9. Fer­rit Batir (AUT)

Relent­less Vert­jam

1. Ren­ton Mil­lar (AUS)

2. Jür­gen Hor­rwarth (GER)

3. Jussi Kor­ho­nen (GBR)

4. Sam Beck­ett (GBR)

5. Pon­tus Björn (SWE)

6. Sam Bosworth (GBR) More Skateboarding Videos

More photos and video to follow in the next couple of days and on the Skatehalle Berlin site. Big thank you to the organizers, to Daniel, to Monica, to Lennie and to everyone who made it there.