If I was going to start a telephone app that risked blowing out all the spots in Europe the press release wouldn't read: "Hey Kids! Spend more time on your phone and ruin all your local spots whilst at the same time become a fucking asshole with this new thing for your phone that you shouldn't give a fuck about!"

But then I wouldn't develop an app like that.

In all fairness new app OWNR's press release doesn't  read like that either, that's just something that jumped into my mind.

But the need for the existence of things like spot guides have been long contested. To the naive  these concepts no doubt scream AWESOME! And to others its screams DANGER! Or maybe it's just me that immediately imagines the squealing puff of the brakes as a skate tourism bus loaded with headphone wearing automatons pulls up.

Maybe no one ever uses these things and I should have just deposited this email in the bin and gone home.

Regardless of what you or I may think, 'Fanatic Snowboarder" Michiel Roukens has developed an App that allows, nay, encourages you to compete against your friends – and against pros– and place yourself in a league; competing in local championships to be the local hero. Maybe you'll get sponsored because of it, that kind of thing is always happening. Michiel concede's the App may also be of some help in make that hot girl fall in love with you (when's she sees all the awesome shit you've been doing – yes you can post video proof of the ABD you just dropped) After all that's what skateboarding is about right? Being better than your mates, beating the pros and getting the chick.

Is this the future? Have we all lost the fucking plot? Have I lost the fucking plot? Answers on a postcard. Or send me an email if that's easier.