Exciting times for skaters of Oslo: There is a new amazing skatepark to open its doors in January 2017. The park will feature a full blown street section, a mini ramp, a vert ramp and a bowl. While the first mentioned are killer features by all means the latter one, the suspended bowl, is definitely stealing the rest of the park's thunder.

Pics: IOU ramps

Going by the working title "Thor's Hammer" the joint-project of designers Glifberg & Lykke, the master carpentry of Andreas Schützenberger and his IOU crew and the input of locals like Karsten Kleppan is nothing short of stunning.

– Working title "Thor's Hammer" –

Reminiscent of Sevilla's Metropol Parasol Oslo's suspended bowl is assambled from gluelam trusses, cut into organic, trunk like shapes that rise from the park's entrance area and expand into the actual bowl shape towards the ceiling. Leading up to the actual bowl is a spiral staircase, from which you can see not only perfectly organic shapes with varying radius, but also all around granite coping. This not only makes for a magnificent visual experience, it's looking really, really skateable.

Summer, sunshine, street skating… all have their merits – but come on! This thing is just amazing! At least the harsh Norwegian winters have just started to look a lot less threatening.